What To Do When You Are Feeling Lost In Life?

Life is a rollercoaster, right? In one moment you are on the top of the world and it feels like you can achieve everything you want, like everything is possible and there is nothing in this world that you can’t do. However, sometimes you feel lost, stuck, useless and unsatisfied with the final result of your actions and life in general. Sounds familiar?

Well, it is life and we all are just trying to float through it. Sometimes we kings, who are feeling powerful, who are feeling that they can protect and help others, rule them, but at another time we beggars, who are needing protection, help and guidance. How we can find this guidance to feel like we on top of the world again? That is the question.

First step for me is to embrace an unknown. Face it, do not try to run away from it or pretend like problem does not exist. Simply faced it.

Remember that you will live trough it. Like everything in life, your frustration is temporary and it will pass by, just like clouds floating and flowing away in the beautiful blue sky.

by @lucas_carl on Unsplash

It is okay to feel lost in some point in your life. Everyone feels so from time to time. It is fine if your are unmotivated and feel like you lost your direction in life. Nevertheless, you can not be sad and stuck forever, do not let your sorrow suck you in. Give yourself some time to feel sad, to reflect on your past decisions and move forward to future possibilities.

In order to find those possibilities you need to believe in their existence and then you will be able to see them. Be open to the world around you and you will find possibilities that are already here for you, waiting for you to notice them.

So, stop sitting in your comfortable flat. Go outside, go for a walk, visit the exhibition, meet with your friends, start this project, that you have been dreaming about for so long! Every time when you feel lost in life and do not know what to do next and how to live on, it is a sign for you to change something dramatically in your life. Now is the right time, today! Not tomorrow, not in the Monday, but now, at this very moment! Opportunities and possibilities are endless. They are here, for you, always.

I truly believe that every our problem comes to our lives with a purpose. Problem is a challenge, which you need to overcome and learn something from this experience. It helps us to move to the next level, to be more successful, happier and free. Be brave, go for it. There is no such a problem that you are unable to solve. If you were not able to solve it, you would not have faced with this problem.

Find a new hobby, start a new project, find a new job. After you have been sad for a some time and gave yourself some rest, move on. It is time for you to take action! Life can be not easy sometimes, but it is wonderful! There is so much in this world that you have not done yet, but it is coming for you.

photo by @priscilladupreez on Unsplash



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