What Do You Need To Know About Sorting Waste To Start Doing It?

The biggest problem when it comes to being more ecological friendly is that people do not know how to start. They have no idea what they can do to help the environment. There are some simple steps that everyone can take to slow global warming and save the planet by waste sorting.

In the modern world, almost everybody knows that it is important to lead an ecological lifestyle and take care of the planet. However, how exactly we can influence the environmental situation and make a difference?

Why waste sorting is important?

Waste sorting considers recycling a certain product or material instead of throwing it away. ‘Garbage’ that ended up in the dumpster, is transported to the landfill and burned there. It is harmful to the environment, since with burning a litter, special gases are emitted, which leads to the destruction of the ozone layer. The ozone layer protects our planet from damaging and aggressive sun exposure, that causes a global warming.

There are four of the most common and easily recyclable materials, with which you can start sorting waste.

  1. Paper

The majority of waste sorting centers receive all types of paper and cardboard that are not laminated, which simply means that it is possible to tear them up. This condition is necessary as it is very hard to divide paper from this unrecyclable material and usually sorting centers do not do that.

Paper is all around us in the different sources of waste. Packages, carton packs, old notebooks from school, and textbooks that you no longer need.

Photo by Dan-Cristian Pădureț on Unsplash

If there are some books on your shelf, which you also do not need you may try to swap them with your friends or sell them. It is also good for the environment because you give these books a second life, instead of throwing them away and letting them be burned in a landfill.

From recycled paper do different packages, toilet paper, and egg cartons.

2. Tetra pack

Tetra pack is a special material, which is similar to cardboard, but waterproof. Mostly it is used as a package for milk or juice. Before recycling, it is necessary to wash and clean a tetra pack.

Photo by Deep Lab on Behance

Tetra pack is a really great material to produce other useful things, such as pens, buckets, basins, etc.

3. Plastic

The most common type of material when it comes to recycling is plastic. Plastic is everywhere: packages, toys, pots, keyboard, TV remote, pads, dishes. This list is endless.

Photo by BETH SHAPOURI on allure

It is important to know that exist several types of plastic, which are called ‘plastic identification codes’. The type of plastic affects what kind of material it is and, therefore, where it will be used. For instance, to produce a water bottle usually is used a PET 1. For containers for household chemicals and detergents are in the bottles, are used plastic which are marked as HDPE 2. There are 7 types of plastic identification codes in total.

Photo on pkfst.ru

Before going to the sorting center make sure that the plastic that you are going to recycle is clean, without any sheeting, lids, or dispensers.

To make it easier, sort the plastic according to its type in advance and then go to the waste sorting center.

Many things for different areas can be made of plastic: clothes, benches, bicycles, construction materials, playground covering, etc.

4. Glass

Glass is very simple to prepare for recycling. All you need to do is just wash it. There are as much of different types of glass as plastic. It can be colored or clear. You should sort one type of glass from another and that’s all.

Recycled glass is mainly produced things in the construction industry and glass bottles.

Tips & Tricks

It is important to read about sorting centers, where you will bring the waste for recycling, as well as about their rules. Since requirements for ‘waste’ can vary from one organization to another, certain materials may not be recycled in a particular center.

Also, if you have a lot of waste piled up at home, there are some organizations that provide an eco taxi to their center.

In order to collect waste, that can be recycled, at home, it is preferable to have a certain place for it. It can be a separate room like a pantry or simply a shelf in the closet.

Take it simple

  • Make it easy for yourself to sort the waste. Clean the plastic, glass, and tetra packs as soon as there is no product inside them. It is very quick and simple.
  • Create a system that works for you and follow it.
  • Start taking small but confident steps towards making our world better. In the beginning, you may just sort a plastic or a glass. Then, with time, incorporate other materials, that can be recycled, and ecological habits into your system.

Small steps are very simple but though extremely meaningful actions.

Not all waste can be recycled. Therefore, we should get rid of the mindset that ‘no matter how much will I consume, if I can recycle it later’. The best way to help the environment is to reduce the amount of waste from the products we consume. For example, buy less products that are in packages. Use eco-friendly bags instead of plastic ones to put there fruits and vegetables.

By the way, I have a whole article, where I told how to be more ecological friendly and reduce the quantity of unnecessary waste.


We consume a lot of products that are in a package, which we need only to transport these items from shops to our homes. There are plenty of things that we buy and use on an everyday basis and then throw away without a second thought. However, almost everything from which packages of these products, and the products themselves, are made can be recycled.

Recycling and waste sorting are a lot easier than it sounds. You can become a part of something big and grandiose by joining the environmental friendly community.

I am sure, that there are some products in plastic, glass, or tetra pack packages in your fridge right now. You can start your waste sorting journey today! What are you waiting for? You have the power to change the world!

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