How You Can Help To The People From Ukraine As A Foreigner?

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This article is not about politics or finding who is wrong. This article is intended for everyone, who cares about human beings and peoples’ lives so that they will be able to help. Down below you will find different ways to provide this help and support for Ukrainians.


The most common way to help those, who are now living in Ukraine and trying to cope with a current situation, is to support them financially.

It is possible to buy clothes for those who are in need or donate old but good quality clothes to the refugees. Different things including necessities, such as toothpaste and toothbrush, first aid kits, and items for kids can also be donated.

Likewise, financial aid can be provided as a certain amount of money, which can be transferred through various websites. There are links for some trust worse sources to donate money to:

Volunteer in the special centers

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, and do not have a lot of money, you can still support Ukraine and its’ nation by giving your time and energy.

In each country, there is a variety of special centers, aimed at helping the people from Ukraine, who has been adversely affected by nowadays reality.

In the town where you are currently living, there are most probably to be similar organizations. There is an option to become a volunteer in such centers, which collect things that other people bring there as a donation for those who are in Ukraine or who are refugees in their country.

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This is a simple action, that costs you nothing and that everyone can do, however, it will bring so much value to those who are needing this help.

Support mentally

Sometimes the best help that we can offer is talking. It is not always necessary even to answer a lot, the most meaningful part of this process is to listen, and to support a person with an understanding and compassion towards his situation.

If you have any friends or people from your surroundings, that are important to you, who are now in Ukraine, simply talk to them. Let them know that you are on their side and they can always count on you. Remind them, that you are nearby and ready to help them mentally overcome difficulties and worries encountered.

Offer a ride from Ukraine to another country

A lot of people are trying to escape from Ukraine right now and move to another country until the war ends and things will settle down a little. However, it is hard for such refugees to make this move happen. In addition to all the other problems, refugees from Ukraine experience difficulties when it comes to the transportation issue. Transportation for them from their home country to another one is expensive and hard to attain because of logistics.

Whether you are going in the same direction as one Ukrainian family does or you simply want to help, this can be a great option to provide support.

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Share your home with refugees

Refugees from Ukraine in many cases do not have a place to live in the new country, where they arrived. If you have an extra flat, besides your own, that you normally rent to other people, now you have an opportunity to help those, who are in need.

You can help refugees to find a new home for a certain period of time, while they are in your country. Even if you are able to share a separate single room that can be really helpful and meaningful.

Even one room can be enough to save someones’ life

Volunteering in the calling centers for refugees

There are plenty of call centers in the countries, where are a lot of Ukrainian refugees. These organizations are aimed to help refugees with their flights, and tickets, and provide information about the initial period in the country.

Each of us can help somehow to improve the current situation and help those in need. Even the most simple action is though very meaningful. Do not think that your contribution is unnecessary. Everything that you will do, will have an enormous influence and will help to change the situation for the better.

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