How To Be More Eco-Friendly?

Nowadays, people become more and more conscious of global warming and other ecological issues. However, even those who want to be ecologically friendly and become aware of global ecological issues, still know a little about how to fight against ecological problems and global warming. So, these people continue to live unconsciously in ecological terms regardless of their desire to make a difference in this world.

In this article, I decided to tell about simple steps that everyone can take to become more eco-friendly.

  • Folding cup instead of ‘paper’ one

Bring a folding cup with you everywhere to ask the barista to pour your drink there, instead of a plastic cup in cafes that they offer. Keep it in your bag just in case you want to drink some coffee. It is very compact and does not take up much space.

A lot of people think that cups that are used for coffee or tea are made of paper and therefore reusable, but paper coverage is only on the outside of the cup, the inner part consists of plastic. In this way, in those cups are mixed two materials: plastic and paper, which are very hard to divide from each other, and because of it, such ‘paper’ cups are actually unrecyclable.

  • Use reusable mesh bags

Use reusable mesh bags to put there fruits and vegetables when you shop in the grocery store instead of using plastic bags, which will not last you for a long time. Mesh bags are a good ecological solution and they also look very pretty.

  • Use canvas bag

Go to the grocery store with your plastic/paper bag or canvas bag. Remember that, even plastic or paper bags can be ecological if you use them more than once. Canvas bags are ecologically effective only if you use them a lot of times because the production of one canvas bag requires even more resources than a normal plastic bag and it decomposes longer.

photo by @hesherlobsteruk on Unsplash
  • Try to buy clothes that were produced by sustainable brands

Sustainable brands usually use eco-materials like for example, organic cotton, and reusable polyester. It is important to make your shopping decisions consciously and buy only these items of clothes that you actually needed. Such clothes will last you longer than other clothes made by fast fashion brands, which are almost all brands in the mass market. Sustainable fashion may be more expensive, but it is worth it.

photo by @anotherlovely on Unsplash
  • Turn off the lights in your flat when you do not need them

In this way, you can save your money and help our planet. It is simple, it costs you nothing, but it is effective.

photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash
  • Turn off the water in the shower, while you brush your teeth

It is pretty basic and understandable, but a lot of people still do not do this. As well as turning off the unnecessary lights in your apartment, turning off the running water, when you brush your teeth will save you money and make a difference in the environment.

photo by @ulevik on Unsplash
  • Do not use plastic cutlery

Try to use metal ones instead, which you can use more than one time. Plastic tableware is bad for the environment as it takes centuries to decompose and clogs the oceans where fishes, birds, and other living creatures eat plastic, mistaking it for food. Plastic is also harmful to individuals, in particular as it contains microplastics that enter the human body when they eat and drink something from plastic plates or cups or even when using plastic cutlery.

  • Waste sorting

I know, it may sound complicated, but you do not need to do it all at once. Start simple. At first, you can waste sorting only plastic, glass or tetra pack, it is up to you. Start with that garbage, which is easier for you to separate and then recycle.

photo by @pawel_czerwinski on Unsplash
  • Stop taking things that are offered to you only because they are free

Often people take different things that were offered to them only because they cost them nothing. However, these items are usually unnecessary for those who take them. Thus, those things probably will end up in a trash can, which leads to unreasonable consumption.

  • Wear reusable masks

Today it is as relevant as never before. In a context of a pandemic, milliards of face masks are thrown away each day, which pollutes the environment with plastic and harms marine organisms. So, find a pretty and reusable face mask, that you will want to wear every day.

photo by @lvphotos on Unsplash

If you are new to this eco-theme, you do not need to apply all the ecological tips mentioned above at once. Start with those, which suit you the most, and then, with time, continue to incorporate those tips into your daily life.



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