Do I Have Time?

Why time is flying by? We always lose it, lack it, and when we have time, we waste it. Why?

We all have 24 hours in a day

The amount of time given to us in our life is not equal to each individual in terms of years that we could live. However, the quality of this time is in our hands. We decide what to do with the life, that we have and, therefore, with our time. Our day-to-day moments determines our whole life because it consists of these moments. Life consists of the years just like one minute consists of seconds.

We all have the same amount of time in one day. Why does someone choose to spend this time in order to work on their dreams, while others waste those precious moments on useless scrolling in Instagram?

Investing only 30 minutes per day to do something really meaningful for us, that would help us in our self-development journey, would contribute to our future life so much! 30 minutes each day is 15 hours in a month, which is 180 hours in a year.

To be fully honest, half an hour per day is not enough time to do something meaningful. However, it is a key to success, as it gives you consistency and control over the process. 30 minutes is a trap. It is a switch, that you need to start doing things that will contribute to your future. This switch is necessary to turn your attention from social networks or other distractions to important things.

‘I do not have time to it’

Do I really? I do not have time or I do not want to make time for it?

When you say ‘I am too busy’ or ‘I want, but I do not have time for it’, it is equal to ‘I am busy to do this’ and ‘I do not have time to do that particular thing’.

Am I lying to others and to myself when I said ‘I do not have time to call, to meet, to talk, to help, etc, sorry’? If I do not have time, it means I do not want to waste my time on this thing. Thus, I am not sorry.

If I want to do something, I will, as any other person. ‘Lack of time’ would not stop me, it is not a good enough excuse. We can ‘find’ time on things, that we deeply care about. I am willing to bet 10 shekels, because that is exactly how much is my bag right now, that there was more than one occasion in your life when you ‘found’ a time to do things that were important to you.

If you can’t make time to do something, it probably means that you do not want 100% to do this thing. Think about it. Maybe you should spend your time and energy on something else, that you will be able to find time for?

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‘I can’t do this, because I am too old’

Stop this, please!

As long as you can breathe, you are absolutely capable of achieving anything you want! Never too old, simply more experienced and knowledgeable about life. It is, on the contrary, should be easier for you to reach your goal, as you already know what does not work in the path you have chosen.

‘This was a terrible period of my life, I lost my time’

You can’t lose your time. It is simply impossible, no one can do this. You can exchange your time for the experience, knowledge, and memories.

‘If I had done things differently at that time…’

But you did not.

Stop wasting your time in the present to think about the past, and about those moments and situations, that you can’t change. You do not know what would happen if you did something in the other way, nobody knows. This is one of the miracles of life.

However, for some reason, you are here right now, you are meant to be here. This is why you hadn’t done things differently at that time. You have something else prepared for you. Something greater and better than those lost opportunities.

Analyze what was wrong in this situation in the past, what you could do better, and move on. Lessons learned.

You are exactly where you are meant to be, never forget it!

Disperse, I’m in a hurry!

Where are we rushing? We are rushing through life, by living in the future or looking back to the past. In both cases, we do not live in the present. Why?

I do not have the answer to this question. I think that people are too scared to live in the present or it is just hard for us to focus on the real-life that is happening at this moment, when I am writing those words and you are reading them.

I love this line from Brodsky’s poem:

‘It’s impossible to fall behind, overtaking is the only thing possible’

It reminds me of the transience of life. We can’t ‘’fall behind’, which meant to live some moments again or stop time. One thing that we can do, and do it very often, is to ‘overtake’. We are so rushing through life. The study, work, family, children, grave. Stop! Look around for a moment and simply decide to live, truly live, but not just exist, each moment of your life.

Why time is flying by?

We are constantly distracted by useless things, this is why time is flying by. We do not do almost anything in silence, as we are easily getting bored. We need something ‘in the background’. Peoples’ talks, TV show, film, music, radio news.

Can we spend one day in silence? Without this outside ‘noise’? I think, this helps to feel life and its’ moments, and suddenly the world around us is slowing down, and time doesn’t run anymore, it just goes at a normal pace.

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