9 Ways To Reduce Stress In The Everyday Life

Nowadays, it becomes more and more difficult to find peace and tranquility in our lives. Everything can change in one moment and sometimes we can’t be prepared for it. However, we can reduce the stress, that particular situation had caused.

  1. Meditate or sit in silence

The most common advice on how to reduce stress is to meditate.

A lot of people think that in order to meditate you should be very calm and patient. However, they confuse cause and effect. You meditate and therefore you become more patient and less stressed about life.

Meditation helps you to detach from external circumstances and immerse yourself in your inner world. There is a whole universe inside you. The same energy that is creating worlds is inside your body, within your soul.

Who said that human beings can’t stop time? We can do it! By meditation.

Meditation can be different. There is no template or a certain rule that is telling us what exactly we need to do. It is simply a time when you can sit in silence with yourself and make everything else stop.

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The key to success when it comes to meditation is to be open and try your hardest to clear the mind and let the calmness and new, fresh thoughts come into your head.

2. Walk in the nature

It is a fact that connecting with nature is relaxing. It is calm and comforting as we feel the fresh air, listen to how birds sing and leaves rustle.

Walking is a physical activity, which results in the production of endorphins in our bodies and automatically raises our mood. If you are lucky and it is a sunny day outside, you get D3 vitamin, which as well affects your mood and mental state.

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Also, walking in nature is a slow action. When your body slows down the same thing does your mind.

3. Journaling

When we feel overwhelmed by external situations, there are usually a lot of thoughts in our heads, to which we return over and over again. A great way to get rid of annoying thoughts and a negative state of mind is journaling.

When you journal you do not have an opportunity to jump from thought to thought, as writing is a very slow process. Therefore, denouncing your thoughts into the words and writing them down helps you to understand what you are actually thinking about a situation or in general.

This technique also allows you to find multiple solutions to your problem. When you start to write about it, at some point in this process you will want to reassure and convince yourself that everything is fine, if not now then absolutely be so in the future. It is okay to complain to the piece of paper sometimes, in order to find an appropriate solution.

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You should not be worry about how good or bad your writing is, just write. Take your favorite pen and pretty notebook and start writing.

It is always hard to start. However, once you start, it is hard to stop.

It may seem like a useless waste of time. In the beginning, you may feel like you are doing something stupid and irrational that does not help you to solve a problem, that is bothering you. However, as soon as you start journaling you will understand that you were wrong.

Every scribbled page makes you one step closer to tackling the problem and relieves the stress of an unpleasant situation.

4. Do things that you enjoy

This can be literally anything that is able to improve your mood. It is not about distraction and ignoring the problems, it is about changing your focus on the beautiful things in this life that you enjoy doing.

Play in the musical instrument, cook an apple pie by candlelight and relaxing music, practice yoga. Do something for yourself: experiment with your style, try on different outfits by styling clothes in an unconventional way, and do unusual makeup. Remind yourself how beautiful you are! We so often tend to forget it. Revisit your favorite movie while drinking hot cacao. Dance to rousing music and sing-along music.

5. Talk with a friend

If you have a good friend, with whom you want to talk in the hard moment of your life, it is wonderful. Deep conversation with someone who cares about you may be very healing.

You don’t have to complain about your problems and say how unfair the world is to you. Simply talk, that can relieve so much stress, even if you are talking not about your problems. Sometimes all the magic is happening when you spend time with an old friend, do some silly things together, and share the positive energy.

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6. Help others and volunteer

Volunteering makes you forget for a while about your own problems. You feel amazing and inspiring by helping others. It gives you fulfilment and awareness that your are a good person.

Furthermore, when you help others, you suddenly see that your problems can be solved too. You feel better because you did something meaningful and your actions had an impact, they helped to do this world a little bit better, albeit to one human or a couple of people.

7. Read a book

You can find answers to your unasked questions in the books and see how people in common situations were coped with the similar difficulties.

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When I have problems in my life, I prefer to read fantasy, something easy and interesting, that will help to escape from reality to the fantastic and magical worlds.

Book is a good distraction, an interesting friend, and pleasant company.

8. Listen to music

The original title of this advice was ‘listening to relaxing music’, but then I thought that sometimes relaxing music does not help. What really helps is listening to music that would inspire you to be strong and move on.

Do not be restricted to listening only to funny music though and pretending like everything is fine. Listen to something sad, if you want to, because you are allowed to feel sadness. It is not approved by society, because it needs you to be happy and productive all the time, but it does not work this way. We are humans. We are multifaceted and complicated, and that’s wonderful!

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You can listen to hard rock, metal, lyrical songs, rap, hip hop, music from the ’60s’! Your choice of music is very individual and depends on your current mood.

9. Positive mindset

Focus on the good things in your life. What is wonderful right now? What are 3 things, that happened to you today, for which you are grateful?

Focus on the positive rather than experiencing the negative and overthinking the past. When you are focusing on the good, that attracts even more guidance and prosperity into your life.

‘עברנו הכל, יעבור גם את זה’

Everything will pass, no matter good or bad. In the Hebrew, there is a phrase ‘עברנו הכל, יעבור גם את זה’, which means ‘everything is passing by, and this will pass too’. Remember that everything, that is happening with you, is a lesson or a blessing: something good or a challenge that we need to overcome in order to grow.

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